In our workshops, we constantly hear about how our military communicates with home and with each other, using social media. But sometimes social media can’t do the job. It certainly doesn’t work when military are “off the grid,” and social media doesn’t quite know how to navigate the military hierarchy to keep unit members connected with each other after their service.

Recently, we learned about Sandboxx, a first-of-its-kind comprehensive communications and lifestyle platform specifically designed to meet the needs of our active military, veterans and their friends and families.

Answering those two needs, two of the app’s main features are:

Chatboxx, where Veterans can find past units and reconnect. It’s estimated that during a 4-year enlistment, a soldier connects with over 1000 fellow servicemen. Chatboxx is built on the Military’s hierarchy, and creates a “social network” around that.

Mailboxx is built to convert digital letters, sent within the app, into physical mail. Photos and text can be sent right to military, wherever mail can reach them — even when they’re off the electronic grid.

Sandboxx was founded by two veterans from different generations – one Iraq and one Vietnam. Major General Ray Smith holds two Silver Stars, the Bronze Star, and three Purple Hearts, and former Sgt. Sam Meek is a fourth generation marine who served two tours in Afghanistan.

As Meek puts it:

“ Today’s civilian social media is not conducive to the military lifestyle. Only those involved first hand in the military understand what it is like to be away from home for months with limited communication, to be given orders to pick up their life and move to a new city or country on a moments notice and make friends with people that are willing to give up their lives for one another on a daily basis. Thus, this exclusive, yet expansive community leans on one another for relationships, friendships and support. The structure of the military lifestyle, however, does not make it easy to stay in touch with one another. Built by veterans and a marine father, Sandboxx is the only application on the market to recognize and understand this.”

Sandboxx has partnered with the SemperFi fund, Blue State families and the military discount app Scout.

We don’t do “endorsements” at the WGI — but Sandboxx caught our eye, and we wanted to share it with you.


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