Welcome to the Writer’s Room.

Here, we’re going to try to recreate a little of the experience of being in our workshops, online. Before you jump in, here’s a quick guide.


     You already know how to get in: Click on “The Writer’s Room” in the navigation, then on “login” in the upper right hand corner. Fill in your username and password. (Email me if you’ve misplaced them.)

     Once you’re “in,” you’ll be taken to our main page. At the top, you’ll see your icon, and a link to click when you want to log out. Right under THAT you’ll see the icons of anyone else who is online at the same time you are.

     Right under that, you’ll see icons for some of our groups.Click on a group and check out the activity. (If you belong to a “hidden” group, you’ll see the icon for that group among the others. DON’T WORRY — your group is only visible to members.)

     Speaking of activity, the home page now lists the last 6 things that happened on the site. (Unless, of course, they happened in a “hidden” group.)

     The best way to navigate the site is by clicking on your icon. That takes you to your personal page, where you’ll find Notifications, Messages, Friend requests, Group news, etc. (If you haven’t uploaded a photo or an icon, please do.)

    – Don’t forget to edit your profile. Please upload a photo and change your password.


     Of course, there’s really ONE reason why we’re all here — to share our writing, read each other’s writing and encourage each other.

     There are 2 places to upload a document.

     From a GROUP, simply click on Docs. From you Personal Page, click on the “+” icon. The difference is that when you upload to a group, the members of that group will be notified by email that you’ve uploaded a doc. (See Email, below.)

     The Create a New Doc page gives you a form where you can write directly on the site. You can also use this pace to describe the file you’re about to upload.

     To upload, click “add files” and upload your work in word or whatever program you use.

     When you upload, you will have the option there to choose who can see your document — from one person to a group to all the writers.

     Click SAVE at the bottom of the page, and you’re good to go! You’ll get a page with “Doc Successfully Created” at the top.

 You can quickly see documents created by your fellow members on this page.

  1.     GROUPS

     When you’re on your personal page, or at various other places on the site, click “Groups.” That will take you to the Groups that are currently available for membership.

     NOTE — If you are a member of a hidden group, you will see that group as well. But, don’t worry — only members of that group can see it.

     I’ve signed all of the San Antonio people up for the San Antonio Group. You might want to join the “I Only Have Ten Minutes” group, where we’ll have prompts for those moments when you just want to do a short exercise. Or join “Test Group” and tell me what’s wrong with the site. (Some of you have asked to start hidden groups, and I’ve signed you up for those.)

  1.     EMAILS

     If you’re a member of a group, you can sign up for email alerts for that group. Click on “Get Email updates” and choose whether you want to get updates daily, weekly, or when new topics and documents are uploaded.

Writers from the workshops will be stopping by to read, share, and work with you.

So bang around. Ask questions. Message me (via the page OR by email) if you’re having trouble. (The software is far from perfect, so let us know what you’re finding difficult.)

Finally – this isn’t Facebook, it isn’t Twitter, it isn’t Snapchat. We don’t really intend for this to be a “social media” area. This is where writers come to support each other, for inspiration, and to share their work. We only ask that you be supportive and positive and that you respect the privacy of everyone involved.

So, don’t copy and paste what you read here anywhere else. Don’t talk about the writing you’ve read here without the permission of the author. Respect the author.

If this works — and we really believe it will – we will have a place for people who have been in the workshops to communicate to those who are about to attend. We will have an ongoing community of people who are writing, telling their stories, and sharing them with people who understand what they’re trying to say.

Thank you, again, for being here.


We're not around right now. But you can send us an email and we'll get back to you, asap.


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