The WGI conducts regular workshops with members of the Wounded Warriors Project. (A brief history of our relationship with Wounded Warriors can be found here.)

The workshops give Veterans and their Caregivers the opportunity to work with writers and tell their stories. (Vets and Caregivers attend separate weekends.) Attendees work with writing mentors over two full weekends, set six months apart. The workshops are held in New York, San Antonio, and other locations around the country.

If you want to know what it’s like to participate:

A TV writer and author for children reflects on the people she’s met here. 

A playwright and soldier who has served as a mentor shares his experience here.

During the first two-day weekend, attendees work in small groups on writing exercises that connect them with some of the basic tools of storytelling. At the end of the first weekend, attendees turn their focus to one or two special projects that they would like to work on. If they choose, they stay in touch with their mentors as they continue to write.

Six months later, the attendees and mentors reunite to talk about what they’ve written, how it’s gone, and to further develop their storytelling “muscles.” The second weekend often results in some amazing writing.

You can find some of the stories from the Workshops here.

If you are a veteran or caregiver and are interested in attending a workshop,  click here.

You can contact us here:

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